Gemini Girl  Phonic Evolution ,  Justin Boccitto , JBcreates, A collaboration of composers, musicians and dancers creating live performances, music videos and film experiments that incorporate all styles of music.

“I want to be with you. It is as simple and as complicated as that.”
- Charles Bukowski

Gemini Girl | Phonic Evolution

“Gemini Girl” tells the story of a woman living two splintered lives, entangling two lovers who idolize her. As they discover her secrets and confront her the audience enters a special world of theatricality and fantasy. “Gemini Girl” was originally written and performed in the immersive dance project “Freaks Don’t Cry” produced by Linked Dance Theatre in NYC.

Gemini Girl | Elisa Galindez


Justin Boccitto

Elisa Galindez

Chloe Markewich

Gemini Girl | Chloe Markewich


Written and Directed by Justin Boccitto

Choreographed by Kendra Slack & Chloe Markewich

Costumes by Kelcey Matheny

Photography Directed by Nick Heitmann

Lighting by Chris Kol

Music Supervision by Sol Bloch

Production by MacKenzie Cutcliffe

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